We will make it by foot!

We had a beautiful fall weekend, and the weather was perfect for our first trip to the Renaissance Festival in Maryland. The only problem was, it was such a perfect day that too many other people made the same decision. About three miles out we came to an almost complete stop, and then started inching our way towards the parking lot.  After about two hours of inching, we found a business park a little over a mile and a half away and decided to park and walk. It was a beautiful day for walking and the unexpected stroll did add to our overall adventure. While walking Ben reminded us that life is often about the journey and not the destination. Wise advice, and so true in this case! Lily also earned her future trip to Disneyland  because she walked the entire way with a great attitude (the ability to walk for a long period of time is required for a trip to Disneyland). Isaac, on the other hand, experienced much of the walk from Ben’s shoulders, so he still has some training to do.

Once we reached the festival we did have a nice afternoon. The costumes were fun and being surrounded by knights and royalty fits nicely with Lily and Isaac’s creative adventures. We even managed to find a seat in the front row for the jousting tournament. The festival was very crowded and during  lunch we received another piece of advice from a visitor. She shared with us that a trip does not always have to be great, just memorable. Well, I’d say our Sunday at the Renaissance Festival was both!

Here are a few pictures that will go along with our memories!

Good advice from a six year

This evening Lily and Isaac were having a conversation and Isaac in a grumpy and tired mood shared he didn’t like anything, he even didn’t like himself. To this Lily replied “Isaac it is actually impossible not to like yourself. You have to like yourself.” Of course my immediate thought as her mother was please keep this view and your confidence forever. Liking ourselves is so important, yet as we get older can be so hard. Her comment made me pause and think, and now that it is written here, saved for Internet eternity, it can also remind her in years to come that it is indeed imposible not to like yourself.

Lily, Isaac, and I have been going on more neighborhood adventures – exploring the paths around our neighborhood either by foot, bike, or scooter. We always discover amazing things when we are exploring, and our recent fascination is with mushrooms. We have received an incredible amount of rain this year, and all this rain has created so many mushrooms. We find them everywhere, and unfortunately this means on our lawn and in our flowers too. While the mushrooms on our lawn are somewhat annoying, the ones we discover on the sides of the paths are beautiful and really fascinating for all of us.

Another adventure I had this weekend was coaching Isaac’s soccer team. Ben was out of town, so I had to step in as assistant coach Rossi. You don’t need to know much about soccer to coach four year olds, so I think I did okay, but the entire Saturday morning soccer culture is quite foreign to me. My favorite part was at the end of the game all the parents joined hands in pairs to make tunnel for both teams to run through. The kids ran through multiple times and then ran over to get the typical end of game snack.


Each phase of childhood brings new challenges for the parents. Our current challenge – homework.

Lily did very well on her first week of homework and received 100% on her first spelling test. She completed all math worksheets, wrote in her journal, read her online books, and conquered week 1. On Sunday evening we received her week 2 words and they are much more complex. And this week, the homework responsibility is falling in Ben’s hands. I had dance last night, I am in New York today and won’t be home until after bedtime on Thursday. The pressure is on for him to juggle all her studies, while remembering that Isaac has yellow day tomorrow, and which day Lily needs to wear sneakers because she has P.E. All of this juggling and our kids are only 4 and 6! Please don’t feel sorry for Ben though, because he is getting me back over the next two weeks while he vacations in Mexico and then works from Boston the following week 🙂

I am really not complaining (even if it may sound that way). I am more just enjoying the challenge of trying to stay organized and on top of all the moving pieces of our life.  Quick side story here to prove this is a work in progress…in the craziness of my week I accidentally booked a flight to the wrong New York area airport and discovered it last night at 11:30pm as I was checking in to my 7am flight! All worked out, and my mistake actually gave me a few extra hours of sleep this morning and the ability to help get Lily and Isaac off to school, but I am still a little annoyed with myself for such a silly mistake.