Almost Home

Tonight is our last night home without Lily. She will be coming home with us tomorrow after her 2:30 feeding. She passed her last test, the car seat test, and is now just waiting for Ben and I to receive the final discharge instructions. Ben was able to install the car seat base and tomorrow I am taking it to the fire department to get checked. It is hard to believe that she will be riding home in it tomorrow. It has been an incredible six weeks at the hospital. Often the first weeks of a preemie’s life are described as a roller coaster. Fortunately for Lily her ride has mostly been up the track and hopefully she will keep going up and up once she is home. I posted a few more pictures from her last Tuesday in the hospital. By the way, for those of you who look at pictures in the gallery. There are now two pages of albums. Make sure that you click on the number 2 below the albums to view the most recent pictures.

Right now my sister is attempting to fly back to California (she is stuck at Dulles airport on a delayed Independence Air flight). She has now sworn off that airline and suggests that you do the same too. Jet Blue is a much more convenient way to fly to DC. In fact, for any of you who want to come to visit in the fall, Jet Blue just announced the $99 one-way ticket between Dulles and Oakland/Long Beach.

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