Is it really September?

It has been almost 6 months since I wrote an update and too much has happened to try and document the missed time, so I guess I’ll just pick up from today.

Lily has started first grade and seems to be enjoying the full day at school. Isaac and I take her to the bus stop at 7:25am and she confidently gets on the bus, but before she walks up the steps she always gives Isaac a good-bye kiss and hug.┬áIsaac’s preschool doesn’t start until next week, so he has one more week of long summer days. He is using this time to become an even more skilled bike rider (he now does tricks and quickly conquers things older kids work hard to accomplish). His next sport to explore is Soccer, and he is looking forward to the first practice on Saturday.

I received a late birthday present today from Ben and the kids – a skateboard. Around my birthday I decided I wanted to try and skateboard. I love my scooter and rollerblading so it seems I should also enjoy skateboarding. The only thing is it slightly scares me, which is another reason I decided I should try it. It has been a long time since I have tried to learn something like that, and it should be an interesting learning experiment. Typical to my learning style, I didn’t do any reading or video watching before trying to get on the board. I listened to a few instructions from Ben (and from Isaac who already thinks he is an expert) and did manage to get on the board and could ride around the court. I must say it was quite fun and I am looking forward to my time out in the court with the kids. I guess if I need to be outside watching them anyway, I should have some fun too. Oh, and in case anyone is concerned about injuries, Ben did get me a helmet also.

I also posted a few pictures from the end of Summer in our gallery.

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