Each phase of childhood brings new challenges for the parents. Our current challenge – homework.

Lily did very well on her first week of homework and received 100% on her first spelling test. She completed all math worksheets, wrote in her journal, read her online books, and conquered week 1. On Sunday evening we received her week 2 words and they are much more complex. And this week, the homework responsibility is falling in Ben’s hands. I had dance last night, I am in New York today and won’t be home until after bedtime on Thursday. The pressure is on for him to juggle all her studies, while remembering that Isaac has yellow day tomorrow, and which day Lily needs to wear sneakers because she has P.E. All of this juggling and our kids are only 4 and 6! Please don’t feel sorry for Ben though, because he is getting me back over the next two weeks while he vacations in Mexico and then works from Boston the following week 🙂

I am really not complaining (even if it may sound that way). I am more just enjoying the challenge of trying to stay organized and on top of all the moving pieces of our life.  Quick side story here to prove this is a work in progress…in the craziness of my week I accidentally booked a flight to the wrong New York area airport and discovered it last night at 11:30pm as I was checking in to my 7am flight! All worked out, and my mistake actually gave me a few extra hours of sleep this morning and the ability to help get Lily and Isaac off to school, but I am still a little annoyed with myself for such a silly mistake.

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