We will make it by foot!

We had a beautiful fall weekend, and the weather was perfect for our first trip to the Renaissance Festival in Maryland. The only problem was, it was such a perfect day that too many other people made the same decision. About three miles out we came to an almost complete stop, and then started inching our way towards the parking lot.  After about two hours of inching, we found a business park a little over a mile and a half away and decided to park and walk. It was a beautiful day for walking and the unexpected stroll did add to our overall adventure. While walking Ben reminded us that life is often about the journey and not the destination. Wise advice, and so true in this case! Lily also earned her future trip to Disneyland  because she walked the entire way with a great attitude (the ability to walk for a long period of time is required for a trip to Disneyland). Isaac, on the other hand, experienced much of the walk from Ben’s shoulders, so he still has some training to do.

Once we reached the festival we did have a nice afternoon. The costumes were fun and being surrounded by knights and royalty fits nicely with Lily and Isaac’s creative adventures. We even managed to find a seat in the front row for the jousting tournament. The festival was very crowded and during  lunch we received another piece of advice from a visitor. She shared with us that a trip does not always have to be great, just memorable. Well, I’d say our Sunday at the Renaissance Festival was both!

Here are a few pictures that will go along with our memories!

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