Isaac’s 4 year old report

It has been a great month for Isaac. He turned four, mastered his new two-wheel bike and received a glowing report from school. We even had a successful check-up at the doctor during which Isaac answered his favorite food was vegetables and when asked what kind, replied broccoli. Now that is not true, but I didn’t tell him to say that! He also told the doctor his favorite game was hide-n-seek.

I had Isaac’s preschool conference today and his teacher said Isaac is a remarkable child. He is incredibly empathetic and able to voice his needs and feelings better than most children his age. He is smart, curious, kind, a good friend, and loves all activities. In fact she said there was nothing he really needed to work on! To this I replied, come observe him at home! But, at least he knows how to behave at school and loves going to school.

Isaac mastered everything on his testing chart and he even had a “very good” next to his ability ┬áto use scissors. The unique accomplishments of a 4 year old! I actually think during Lily’s 4 year old report we were told she needed to work on using scissors. So, Isaac has Ben’s building hands, and probably good handwriting and Lily will probably inherit my talents (or lack of talents) in this area.